Buying Used Cars

Advice for used car buyers

Buying used cars has become more and more popular for many reasons. Besides the fact that it is cheaper to buy used as opposed to new, auto manufacturers are making better quality vehicles. These better quality new cars in turn make better quality used cars. Used car buyers are now getting a more reliable, better-conditioned vehicle that will last much longer.

In most cases you are better off buying from a dealer rather than an individual and here's why. Most of the used cars in the dealer's inventory are not trade-ins. Rather the dealer gets most of them from professional auctions. The vehicles at these auctions are usually off-lease or off-rental, meaning they were formerly lease or rental cars.

These are usually the highest quality vehicles because in the case of leases- leasers take care of their cars more to avoid extra payments, and rental cars are not driven as often as regular cars and are serviced by the company regularly.

But if you are buying used cars from a dealer or from an independent, please make sure you get a used car history report before you buy! This will reveal any serious hidden problems and other valuable vehicle data. You can start with a free, no-obligation record check here.

How do you find a used car?

Well, there are many options. At the basic level you can browse through the classifieds in your local newspaper or auto buyers publication. Since you're internet savvy (you are, right?) you can also browse classifieds at your local newspaper's Web site.

Another great resource for buying used cars is through a used car dealer network. They are usually national in scope, and are very sophisticated. You have access to thousands of dealers, all competing to offer you the best car at the best price. It saves you the time and hassle of getting competing quotes since it automatically finds you the ideal used car.

One of the best services is used cars. All you have to do is fill out a small form and they email you a free price quote from a qualified local dealer right in your area. It makes buying used cars much simpler.

Four very important things to consider during the used car buying process:

1. Will your vehicle be covered for all repairs in case of an accident? Find out about Auto Extended Warranties.

2. Will you and your family be protected in case something happens to your car? Find out about Auto Insurance.

3. How will you pay for your used car? Find out about Auto Financing & Loans.

4. Will my credit history affect my loan and insurance rates? Find out about Credit Reports Scores.

Make sure you read our Helpful Tips for buying used cars as well as our other auto advice topics.

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