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Due to the incredible demand from our visitors, we are happy to introduce our Car Canada section. We have received numerous emails regarding the fact that people were finding it very difficult to find information on Canadian new and used vehicles.

If you are interested in only used cars, then visit our Used Cars Canada section. Otherwise, continue reading below.

If you're in the market for a new car, a great starting point is the Canadian new car buyer's checklist. This gives you a five-step process on how to go about purchasing a new car in Canada, from researching the available models to negotiating the final deal.

To get an idea of dealer costs, factory rebates and incentives, take a look at the following resource: Dealer Costs, Factory Rebates & Incentives.

If you're ready to buy and want to avoid spending extra time, money and aggravation then consider the lowest new car price guarantee from

For auto insurance, take a look at at the following site:

Kanetix Auto Insurance

We are constantly looking for new resources for our Car Canada section. Please let us know if you find any great auto related resources in Canada, and we will include them in our next Canada update.

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