Auto Loan Calculator

Advice for financing your car

An auto loan calculator helps you decide exactly what kind of car you can afford, what you can expect to pay each month, and what your financial options are.

You can use an auto loan calculator with the rates you have received from various lenders. It is always a good idea to get quotes from a number of different sources before you use the car payment calculator. We have provided a link of three of the best lending institutions at the bottom of this page:

We have found a great free car payment calculator that will provide answers to questions such as:

* Which is better: a new or used car?
* Should you lease or purchase a vehicle?
* How much will my monthly payments be?
* What vehicle can I afford?

Take a look at this free auto loan calculator. It is very helpful in figuring out what's right for you.

These days you have many options when it comes to financing your vehicle purchase. You can do it directly through the dealer, but you can often save a lot of money by shopping around.

There are a number of lending institutions available online. Your best bet is to get rates from as many of them as possible and compare. Rates change on a daily basis based on a variety of factors.

As we mentioned above, have found a few financing resources that we recommend as a good starting point. See what rates they have to offer and compare them to other rates you have received. Then use the free car payment calculator above to help you make the right decision. Financing offers you access to a network of financial institutions. They work with lenders and dealers right in your area to arrange loan options for you. You fill out a simple form and usually can get a free loan quote within a few hours.

Capital One has quickly become a formidable player in the credit card industry (you might have seen their commercials). They also offer a very competitive auto financing program. You can apply before or after you find a vehicle for a free rate quote.

RoadLoans is another great resource for financing or refinancing your car. Find out if you qualify within hours.

Don't forget to use the free auto loan calculator above to determine what works best for you. The auto loan calculator can help make buying or leasing a car easier!

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