2004 Honda Civic

The 2004 Honda Civic is restyled and upgraded from the prior models. The Civic is available as a coupe or a sedan, with DX, VP, LX and top-of-the-line EX badges, or as a 2-door hatchback with an Si label. Two fuel-econony oriented models are also available, the HX coupe and Hybrid sedan.

All models have a 4-cylinder engine. The Civic Hybrid has an electric motor to assist a special gasoline engine. Automatic or manual transmission is available.

New features for 2004:

1. 15-inch wheels are replaced by 16-inchers.

2. Both front and rear fascia are restyled.

3. Keyless entry is now standard on LX models.

4. Alloy wheels are standard on EX models.

5. The Hybrid adds a height-adjustable driver seat.

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