RC Gas Cars

Gas Powered RC Nitro Cars

RC Gas Cars are the ultimate in remote control driving. The thrill of maneuvering these powerful gas-powered rc cars is unmatched by any other car-related hobby, except perhaps driving a real performance vehicle on the Autobahn in Germany.

RC can either stand for radio control, as in the use of radio waves, or more commonly, remote control. The gas used in these cars is a nitrogen compound, and as such they are also referred to as RC nitro cars. They can reach speeds upwards of 50 mph, faster than most of the battery-powered models.

Here at auto-advice.com we usually cover the more serious car-related issues. However, we decided to let our editors have a little fun. We gave them six months to research the remote control car industry and find the best rc gas cars on the market...the fastest, the biggest, the most powerful. They were successful! The result of their research is a list of their top picks for remote control cars and accessories.

Following is a list of our favorite RC Gas Cars as well as those of some of our visitors. Click the links to find out more details about each rc gas car and if you like, you can buy them all at special reduced prices.

If you already have an idea of what kind of rc gas car you are interested in you can search by brand name or scale on the following page: RC Gas Cars. HobbyTron.com has a huge selection of RC Gas Cars, Trucks and accessories at great prices.

Auto-Advice Most Recommended RC Gas Cars

Traxxas RC Nitro Cars

Traxxas 1/10 Nitro 4-Tec - Reach speeds upwards of 60 mph with its special racing engine!

Traxxas 1/10 Nitro Rustler - Brilliant aluminum chassis with incredible speed and handling.


HPI 1/10 Super Nitro Porsche 911 - Realistic, stylish, powerful street racing car.

HPI 1/10 Nitro Viper - Beautiful exotic nitro touring car.

CEN RC Nitro Cars

CEN 1/10 Electric BG 2 Buggy - Fun blue buggy with flame trim and large, powerful engine.

CEN 1/10 Electric Rally Car - Cool classic with awesome design and detailing.

CEN 1/10 Nitro ATX - All-terrain extreme racer with great suspension and power.

Megatech Remote Control Cars

Megatech 1/10 Nitro Razor XT Pro Lexus - Excellent performance options and detail on this Lexus.

Megatech 1/10 Nitro Razor XT Pro Porsche - Great looking design and styling on this Porsche.

OFNA Remote Control Cars

OFNA Nitro Hyper 7 PBS Buggy - Words cannot describe this incredible off-road racing buggy. Just take a look!

OFNA 1/8 Nitro Ultra GTP Viper - Powerful Dodge Viper-bodied ready-to-run touring car.

OFNA 1/8 Nitro 9.5 Buggy - Awesome glow powered 4WD off-road buggy.

Click the links above to find out more about these remote control nitro cars or visit our new RC Gas Trucks section.

Also, check out our Remote Control Cars & Trucks section for information about electric vehicles and trucks.

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