Remote Control Cars - Remote Control Trucks

A review of rc cars & rc trucks

Remote control cars and remote control trucks have been popular for years. Children and young adults (and some of us older folks!) are fascinated by the challenge of these four-wheel powerhouses!

Remote Control Trucks & Cars

Manufacturers are making remote control cars bigger, stronger and faster all the time. They are adding more powerful engines, better quality materials, more styling and detail and enhanced features to keep up with the growing popularity of rc cars and trucks.

We have broken down our review of remote control cars and remote control trucks into the following three categories. Click the link to go to each section of our site:

1. If you are interested in Gas Powered Cars, then visit our RC Gas Cars section.

2. If you are interested in Gas Powered Trucks, then visit our RC Gas Trucks section.

3. If you are interested in electric rc cars and trucks, then this is the page you want.

Not sure if you want gas or electric? Following is a comparison of the two:

Gas Powered RC Vehicles:

Pros: Faster than electric powered, will run longer (no recharging), real car smells and action.

Cons: Higher cost, noisier.

Electric Powered RC Vehicles:

Pros: Cost less than comparable gas model, no fumes, less noise.

Cons: Slower than gas powered, run shorter amounts of time, need recharging, require power outlet.

We have found a great resource for electric rc cars and remote control trucks. They have all of the latest remote control cars at much better prices than many other places we've researched.

If you already have an idea of what you want, you can search by brand name or scale here: Electric RC Cars & Trucks, or check out our recommended list of remote control cars below.

You can click on the links to find out more information, and if you like what you see you can purchase any of these remote control cars at discount prices.

Associated Electric RC Cars

Associated 1/10 TC3 Dodge Stratus - Great look and design in this high-performance kit.

Associated 1/10 Factory Team - Two-wheel-drive stadium truck kit with many features and options.

Also check out the hot new Associated Electric Stealth Buggy and Associated Electric RC10T4

Traxxis Electric RC Cars

Traxxis 1/10 E Maxx RTR Truck - One of the greatest electric monster trucks ever built. Check it out!

Traxxis 1/10 Electric 4-TEC Stampede - Fast as lightning and packed with performance extras.

HPI Electric RC Cars

HPI Sprint Mercedes-Benz CLK - High quality design and craftsmanship on this Mercedes car.

Nikko Electric RC Cars

Nikko makes a variety of fun cars and trucks from the world's smallest proportional car to 1/10 scale. Check out their great line of Nikko Electric RC minis, cars and trucks.

Tamiya Electric RC Cars

Tamiya 1/24 Ford Focus - Team Ford vehicle with special features and control options.

Tamiya 1/24 Peugeot 206 - Versatile and stable with powerful mechanics.

Click the links above to find out more about these electric remote control cars and trucks or visit our RC Gas Cars or RC Gas Trucks sections.

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