VIN Search

Learn the history of your vehicle with a VIN check

The VIN search is perhaps the most important part of buying a used car. It is essentially the only way to find out the full vehicle history of a car you are considering purchasing.

The VIN check uses the Vehicle Identification Number, a 17 character sequence of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies a particular vehicle. This number is entered into a national DMV database to see what information comes up.

Some of the vital data that may be revealed in a VIN search is serious hidden problems such as major collision, odometer fraud and fire or water damage. Other pertinent information includes DMV transactions, mileage readings and ownership transfers.

All of this information is revealed in a vehicle history report, which you can purchase from a reputable company such as AutoCheck which contains one of the largest vehicle databases in the country. It includes information from state DMVs, auctions, insurance companies and other sources, giving you a comprehensive history of each car.

You can perform a VIN check on any used vehicle purchased after 1981, the year the industry first started using a 17 character vehicle ID number, and when the DMV began keeping extensive records.

Even when buying a car from a trusted friend or family member, it's possible that he or she might not be aware of hidden problems, especially if he or she purchased the vehicle from someone else.

That is why a VIN search is so can help you avoid problem vehicles and find ones that are clean.

If you are in the market for a used car, you must check all of the vehicles BEFORE you purchase them. You can get unlimited reports for up to 60 days from AutoCheck which is a leader in the automotive industry.

The best part is they offer a special guarantee...if one of their reports shows no hidden problems but it ends up being a lemon, they will cover you for the cost of the car.

So make sure you get a VIN search on any used car prior to making a'll be glad you did!

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