Michigan Lemon Law

We have heard from many of you regarding Michigan Lemon Law and how it can help you in case you find yourself stuck with a vehicle with serious mechanical problems.

Fortunately we've discovered that many car owners have been successful in resolving issues with problem vehicles. Following is what we have found out.

What is Michigan Lemon Law?

Many new and used vehicles have persistent mechanical problems usually due to a slight error that occurs during the manufacturing process.

In many cases the manufacturer will buy the the vehicle back from the consumer. This is referred to in the automotive world as a manufacturer buyback.

It protects vehicle owners who find themselves stuck with one of these problem cars. Although the lemon laws in Michigan are different than those in other states, the core elements of the law remain the same.

Some important tips to follow:

1. If you think you might have recently purchased a vehicle with serious problems, do not delay in contacting a lawyer well-versed in Michigan Lemon Law to see what your rights may be.

2. Keep clear records of all issues concerning the car, especially maintenance records (where was it serviced, on what date, what exactly was done, etc.)

3. Be on the lookout for current recalls and/or TSBs (technical service bulletins) for your vehicle. There might be a manufacturer issued fix to your problem.

Michigan Lemon Laws are definitely on your side, so please do not be afraid to pursue your case. Find a qualified lawyer who knows exactly what your rights are.

Also, keep in mind that the quicker you take action, the more likely you are to receive retribution or even a replacement vehicle. So don't delay!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at michiganlemon@auto-advice.com.

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