Custom Mini Choppers

Custom Choppers and Custom Harleys

Custom mini choppers have become more and more popular over the years as choppers, custom Harleys and other customized motorcycles have become the bikes of choice for millions of riders.

For the most part, custom choppers owe their popularity to a movie that defined an era, Easy Rider. Who can forget Peter Fonda sailing along on his Captain America chopper...the epitome of cool.

Contrary to popular belief, not all choppers were custom Harleys. The origins of these chopped down bikes can be traced to a period following the second World War, when returning soldiers bought bikes like the ones they saw in Europe. There were a lot of Triumphs and Royal Enfields, not just custom Harleys.

In the 60's and 70's, there were Honda and Kawasaki custom choppers as well. But these days custom mini choppers and custom choppers are almost synonymous with custom Harleys.

Whether you are interested in the signature custom chopper, with the long springer fork, 74-inch V-twin, king and queen seats, tall sissy bar and the small gas tank, or a custom mini chopper with the newest custom chrome and drag specialties, you can find it on the internet.

We have a few custom mini choppers enthusiasts on our staff, so we gave them the task of finding great custom mini choppers resources. They have found a mix of custom choppers and custom Harleys sources, along with a few places for motorcycle gear and accessories.

Following are some of the great custom choppers resources we have found:


The Master Bike Builders Toolbox

An absolute must for anyone planning on building a chopper or custom bike! It shows you how to easily build your own show-winning bike with killer industry secrets. Do not start building before you check this out!

Chopperscycle offers a wide variety of custom aftermarket Harley Davidson parts and accessories. All top name brand specialty options from custom chrome, drag specialties, bikers choice and more.

JC Whitney Everything Motorcycle

JC Whitney Everything Motorcycle offers an incredible selection of motorcycle parts and accessories. Cruisers, Gold Wing, Harley, street bikes, sport bikes, off road and ATVs. They have incredible prices and hot new products and monthly clearance specials and offers.

Denver' s

Established in 1967, Denver's Choppers specializes in building the finest custom Pro Street, Sport Bikes and Choppers on the market today.

Orange County

As seen on American Chopper, the television series on the Discovery Channel, Orange County Choppers is the ultimate choppers resource.

RideGear Motorcycles

RideGear offers a wide selection of custom motorcycle parts and accessories for street bikes, Harley's, cruisers, dirt bikes and more. Find great prices and specials on all the top name-brand manufacturers.

Motorcycle Superstore custom mini choppers

Motorcycle Superstore offers a wide variety of motorcycle gear and accessories. Top brand street, dirt and casual gear and products at great prices.

We are always looking for new resources for custom mini choppers and custom choppers. If you find any custom mini choppers resources that we have not discovered please let us know about them.

Send us an email at We welcome your feedback.

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