Car History Check

Check the car history and find out the facts!

A car history check is something you must do before buying any used vehicle. Even if the car looks great inside and out, drives well, and the current owner tells you it's in perfect condition, the only way for you to know for sure is to check it out.

There are many different reasons to check car history, the most obvious being to find out if there are any hidden problems such as major collision damage (mechanics can do a pretty good job these days covering up visible damage!).

The history check will also tell you if the odometer has been tampered with...just because it reads 10,000 miles, doesnt mean it only has 10,000 miles on it! It can easily be rolled back so the owner can sell it for more money.

If you have a vehicle in mind and are ready for your car history check just click the link provided to see how many records are on file for that car or continue reading below.

The car check can literally save you thousands of dollars in future mechanics bills by alerting you to potential problems!

Unless you check car history before you buy, you have no way of knowing these things.

How many sellers do you think are going to tell you about a major accident they had, or that the car was reconstructed or used by a rental company? Not many! The car check searches millions of DMV records, so any major event in that car's "life" will be there for you to see.

Multiple owners, hail and fire damage, police use, persistent mechanical problems....they are all there when you check car history.

Following is the premier car history check company. It is called AutoCheck and they have the most comprehensive vehicle history reports in the automotive industry.

AutoCheck Car History Check -- with a database of over 500 million vehicles, AutoCheck provides detailed vehicle reports on any used vehicle from 1981 through today! The initial car history check is free, and this will tell you exactly how many DMV records your vehicle has.

Before you buy any used car, make sure you check car history to find out if it's the right car for you, or if it should be avoided at all costs!

The car history check gives you peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle!

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