Automobile Extended Warranty

Extended Automobile Warranties

Do you really need an automobile extended warranty when you buy a used car?

In most cases you do. The reason for this is because when you buy a used vehicle, chances are the manufacturer's warranty has already expired or about to expire soon.

And if something happens to the vehicle and the warranty has expired, you could end up spending thousands of dollars to fix your vehicle. That's why automobile extended warranties are so important!

Extended automobile warranties offer you peace of mind.

When you purchase a used car from a dealer, it will usually come with a limited 6-month to one year warranty. Is this enough coverage? In most cases you will own this vehicle for at least a year or two, and if you're like most people, probably more than five.

So what happens if something goes wrong after this 6-month period? Plain and simple, you are out of luck!

Therefore, unless you buy a fairly new used vehicle with many years left on the manufacturer's warranty, it always makes sense to purchase an extended automobile warranty.

The great thing is that you now have more options as to where to get your automobile extended warranty from. A short time ago used car buyers would buy them directly from their dealers and only from their dealers.

But now with the increased popularity of used vehicles, there is more competition in the extended warranty arena....and more competition means better prices for you!

We have investigated dozens of automobile extended warranty providers. Some have great rates but poor follow-thru and customer service. Others have high rates but top-notch service and reliability.

The extended automobile warranty provider that we are most impressed with is Warranty Direct.

Warranty Direct offers the most comprehensive automobile extended warranties at up to 60% off comparable programs. You can get a free, no obligation quote within minutes on any car, truck or SUV and you won't find better rates anywhere.

Warranty Direct has been in the business for years, has a wonderful reputation and provides the most outstanding customer service.

If you are looking for the best extended automobile warranties for your used vehicle, look no further than this great company.

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