Auto Sun Visors

Truck Sun Visors and Auto Window Visors

Auto sun visors can prevent the serious problem of reflected glare, which can not only cause severe eye strain but can also be hazardous to driving.

As such we here at Auto Advice strongly recommend that you use a sun visor whenever you drive, especially a polarized one which is the most effective as it can:

1. Reduce glare up to 90% without dimming.

2. Lowers the brightness of sunlight by 85%.

3. Heightens contrast and sharpens clarity, reducing eyestrain and fatigue.

Where can you buy polarized auto sun visors?

After months of research, we have found a great source car sun visors. The company is called, and they sell a product called PolaVisor, which uses the very same sophisticated polarized lens used in telescopes, camera lenses and expensive sunglasses.

These special items are truck sun visors as well, in fact they fit perfectly with any vehicle, including campers, RVs and boats.

The best part is that they are very easy to install, are very durable and cost a lot less than similar auto window visors that don't work nearly as well.

Since the cost is so low, you can purchase a few of them and use them for different vehicles without having to move the auto sun visors from car to truck to boat, etc.

Make your driving safer and easier...visit Auto-Visor and discover auto sun visors that are guaranteed to reduce glare up to 90% and come with a great warranty and free part replacement program.

Auto window visors and car visor cover can improve your visibility significantly and make your drive safer and less tiring. You can avoid straining your eyes and impaired visibility with a car sun visor.

Take a look at Auto-Visor's auto sun visors today and discover a great way to better your driving experience!

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