Auto Paint Care - Best Car Wax and Car Protectant

Auto paint care is an important part of the car maintenance process. You have to protect your car against the elements to prevent irreversible damage.

Once the integrity of your car is compromised, there isn't much you can do to restore it.

What do you have to protect against?

Every single day your car is being attacked by:

1. The sun's damaging ultraviolet rays

2. Chemicals in the air

3. Insects and flying pests

How do you protect your car?

You can protect your car with a high quality, long lasting car protectant. Although we always believed that car wax was the best way to accomplish this, we were amazed by what we found out during our car wax comparisons.

We have spent many months searching for the best car wax on the market for our visitors.

Our researchers reviewed products from several dozen top manufacturers of car wax and car care products in order to find the best car wax and car protectants.

Their car wax comparisons yielded very interesting results, and we asked that they come up with one overall best car wax that we could recommend to our visitors.

Car Wax Comparisons - The Best Car Wax on the Market

The best car wax on the market is actually not a wax at all.....

After extensive car wax reviews, we can confidently recommend the following resource for the best car wax on the market:

5 Star Shine Paint Protection System

5 Star Shine is dedicated 100% to car care and maintenance. Interestingly, they have developed a special car protectant formula that is better than car wax!

Over a period of many months, only 5 Star Shine consistently protected the paint and kept the shine on the vehicles we tested. All of the car wax reviews yielded the same results.

They have an entire line of protective products to choose from, including the following:

The 5 Star Shine Deluxe Kit is their most popular item. It includes 5 Star Shine Paint Protection, Deluxe Paint Cleaning Kit, Neutral pH Car Wash, Terry Cloth Towel and Deluxe Foam. This all-in-one package is ideal for auto paint care.

You can also purchase the following items separately:

1. Paint Protection Kit

2. Paint Cleaning Kit

3. Deluxe Interior Kit

4. PPS Cleaner

After extensive car wax comparisons, we can conclusively say that 5 Star Shine has the best car protectant products on the market, bar none.

If you are looking for the best car wax on the market, look no further than 5 Star Shine.

We believe you should try 5 Star Shine on your vehicle. After so many car wax comparisons, we're sure 5 Star Shine is the best auto paint care there is.

Let us know how you like these products....Send us an email at

If you are looking for any car products and accessories other than auto paint care, please visit our Custom Cars section.

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