Auto Glass Cleaner

An effective auto glass cleaner can not only remove contaminants from your windshield and other surfaces, but can also act as a protectant against future damage.

Thanks to new, patent-pending technology, you can now clean and protect your car's glass surfaces for up to 6 months with a simple system which can save you a lot of time and money.

What is this new system?

It is called Diamondite and it is a windshield cleaner, shiner and protection system all in one. It takes car care to the next level, allowing you to treat your car's glass surfaces just twice a year and be assured that your visibility is crystal clear!

This new breakthrough auto glass cleaner consists of an easy three-step process that anyone can learn in a matter of minutes.

1. Spray Clay removes dirt, grime, debris and water spots from the glass.

2. Diamondite Surface Cleaner removes the clay residue and leaves the surface streak and contaminant free.

3. Diamondite Shield restores and finishes the glass and adds a protective barrier that lasts up to six months!

This windshield cleaner and protector kit includes everything you need to restore, protect and seal any glass surfaces on your vehicle.

You can also use it on most other glass surfaces, tile and marble, so it's not just for cars but can be used inside and outside your home as well.

The Diamondite System is one of the most promising auto glass cleaners on the market today, and reports from car owners who have used the system have been quite favorable.

If you are looking for an effective way to clean, seal and protect your car's glass then you should definitely check out the new Diamondite System.

Save yourself time and money when it comes to car care!

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