2006 Honda Ridgeline

The new 2006 Honda Ridgeline is the manufacturer's very first pickup truck, and it promises to be a force to be reckoned with in the category.

The compact offers room for five passengers, with 4 doors and a five foot long cargo bed. It is available with a 255 horsepower V-6 engine with all wheel drive.

Our initial Honda Ridgeline reviews show three models that are available, the RT, the RTS and the top-of-the-line RTL.

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Standard features include front bucket seats, anti-skid system, anti-lock brakes, 17 inch wheels, front and curtain side air bags. The 2006 Ridgeline has a sliding section in the center of the rear window, and a customizable storage space up front.

As far as performance, our 2006 Honda Ridgeline reviews are favorable, as would be expected given the automaker's reputation. Ride quality is good, cabin in spacious and comfortable, handling and maneuvering are great, controls and guages are easy to use.

The only negatives we see so far are the lack of powertrain and cab size options.

We will be offering more data on the new 2006 Honda Ridgeline pickup truck as well as many other brand new models as we complete our own test drives and receive more feedback from current owners.

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