2006 Ford Explorer

There are some noticeable changes on the 2006 Ford Explorer, namely interior and exterior restyling and increased power to the larger engine.

It remains America's best selling SUV, and with the new employee discount you can really get a great deal.

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The 2006 Explorer is available with either a 210 horsepower V6 or a 292 hp V8, with significantly more horses than last year's model. There is also a new 6-speed automatic paired with the V8.

Standard features on the 2006 Ford Explorer include new front side airbags, anti-lock brakes and antiskid system. Newly available is a navigation system...DVD, sunroof and power pedals and 18-inch chromes are again available options.

Some of the stronger points of the 2006 Ford Explorer include room in the rear and trunk. Ride quality is also a plus. However fuel economy is not the best in its class, and steering/handling is somewhat lacking.

We will be adding new information to our review, as well as adding 2006 Ford Explorer pictures as we get them.

If you have purchased this vehicle and would like to offer your feedback, please feel free to do so. Your comments are quite helpful to other potential new Explorer owners.

Send us an email at Auto Advice and if you'd like, we will include your feedback in our next vehicle review update.

There are many new models expected for the 2006 season, and we will try to cover as many as possible as, focusing on those which have been redesigned rather than those which are carryovers from the previous year.

If you would like us to review a certain make or model, just let us know and we'll do our best to cover it when we next update the new car section.

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