2004 Toyota Tundra

The 2004 Toyota Tundra is mostly unchanged from last year's model, except for the addition of a new crew-cab body style. The new Tundra is Toyota's first true full-size pickup truck.

In addition to the new crew cab, two-door regular and extended cab models are carried over from last year. The crew cab and extended cabs have a 3-passenger split fold rear seat. The new crew cab is over a foot longer, 3 inches higher and 4 inches wider than other 2004 Toyota Tundra models, close in size to Ford's popular F-150 supercab.

Standard on regular and extended cab models is a V6 engine with manual or automatic transmission; a V8 is standard on the new crew-cab Tundra, optional elsewhere.

All models offer rear-wheel drive or 4WD; four-wheel anti-lock brakes are standard, rear disc brakes are not available. The new crew-cab Tundras offer anti-skid traction control, sunroof and rear DVD system.

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