2004 Toyota Prius

The 2004 Toyota Prius is redesigned this year with more power, more features and a larger size. Toyota's hybrid-power vehicle now comes as a 4-door hatchback instead of the prior sedan.

All dimensions change for 2004: the Prius grows 6.3 inches in length, 1.2 inches in height, 2 inches in width and 125 pounds in weight. It keeps its special 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor/battery pack.

Other new features for 2004:

1. Both the gas engine and motor gain horsepower.

2. Fuel economy is improved.

3. New "by-wire" electronics replace mechanical linkages.

4. Traction control is now standard, as is hill acceleration control.

5. Front torso- and curtain- side airbags are now available.

6. An anti-skid system, xenon headlamps and "smart" keyless entry system are new options.

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