DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles

Free DMV record check for your car

As we mentioned in our Used Car History section, the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles, has a comprehensive database of all vehicles manufactured after 1981.

Before you buy any used car from a dealer or private party you should always get a Vehicle History Report which checks millions of DMV records to find information on your particular vehicle.

This will reveal any serious hidden problems such as major collision damage, odometer fraud, reconstruction or if the vehicle has persistent mechanical problems.

It will also tell you other important information about the car that the dealer doesn't know about or is unwilling to tell you!

The best part of the Vehicle History Report is that you can start off with a free record check. This will tell you just how many records are available for your particular car. It's a great way to avoid problem vehicles!

Following is a great source for history reports on used vehicles. They have the most comprehensive databases of used vehicle information.

You can start with a free record check at the site:

AutoCheck Record Check -- comprehensive vehicle history reports on any make and model built after 1981. Start with a free VIN search that will reveal all of the available records on any used car.

It is a great resource for vehicle history reports. The free VIN check will search a huge vehicle database to find information on your particular car.

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