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The best car toys for kids of all ages

Car toys & games remain very popular with children. Just as they have for years, kids love to play with little fire trucks, build sports cars out of Lego and race speedsters around tracks. There is an endless fascination with car games and toys.

Although we usually cover the serious auto-related issues, we took a break here at and asked our editors to come up with their favorite car toys for kids.

The following list is based on the parenting experiences of our staff along with feedback from many of our visitors. You can click on each of the following links to learn more about these car toys, and if you think your child will love them like ours do, you can buy any of these car toys at a special discount price.

The Best Car Toys & Car Games for Kids

We have broken our top car toys for kids down by brand. Scroll down to choose toys from Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, LEGO, Little Tikes, Matchbox, Motorcycles, Power Wheel and other fun toys.

Fisher Price (Ages 3 & up)

Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes Police Cruiser
Realistic sirens and engine sounds on this thrilling 2-seater.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Firerock Jeep Wrangler
This big, rugged SUV goes up to 3.5 mph in forward or reverse.

Hot Wheels (Ages 4-8 & up)

Hot Wheels Turbo Jet City
Blast your cars through an amazing city with 25 fun features.

Hot Wheels Xtreme Motorcross
Stunt bike racing with super skid-out action and a daredevil jump.

LEGO (Ages 6 & up)

LEGO Off-Road Racers
Create your own off-road racetrack, and watch the racers battle it out!

LEGO Harry Potter Escape from Private Drive
Help Harry get 'outta 4 Privet Drive in his father's blue flying car.

Little Tikes (Ages 15 months-5 years)

Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Bed
The ultimate car bed with race car styling and realistic wheels.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe II
This cozy coupe will provide toddlers and preschoolers with years of fun.

Little Tikes Patrol Police Car
Little law enforcement officers can crack down on speeding tricycles.

Matchbox (Ages 3 years & up)

Matchbox Hero Highway Playset
Let your child be a hero by driving cars safely out of the city.

Matchbox Rescue Net Map 'n Go! Fire Truck
Lead the firefighters to the fire by connecting the dots!

Matchbox Radio Rescue
Feel the excitement at every turn as you track down the bad guys.

Matchbox ER Car Wash
Get those little emergency vehicles clean, shiny and back on the road.


Kawasaki Super Shock Dirt Bike
Super shock seat that bounces up and down, turbo throttle that revs into high speed. (Ages 3-6 years)

Tyco R/C Xtreme Moto-X Cycle - 27 MHZ
This R/C X-treme Freestyle Cycle is as awesome as watching a real motocross race. (Ages 8-14 years)

Power Wheels (Ages 1-4 years)

Power Wheels Girls Get Set Go Kart
The oversized push button and easy grip "butterfly wheel" makes learning to drive easy and fun.

Power Wheels Volkswagen New Beetle
Your little one can cruise around the driveway in this fun new sporty car.

Power Wheels Boys Get Set Go Kart
This child-sized go-cart is a wonderful way to teach youngsters the rules of the road.

Other Fun Toys (Ages 3 & up)

Classic Tinkertoy Construction Set
An easy-to-follow design guide shows your child how to create all kinds of awesome vehicles.

Our Generation Adventure Jeep
Kids can take their favorite dolls on an off-road adventure.

Rainbow Rollers
Colorful cars cascade downward with Rainbow Rollers.

Click on the links above for great savings on all of the car toys and games we recommend. They will provide hours of fun for the kids.

We will be adding new car toys and car games as we "test-drive" them. Only the best and most popular car toys will be added to our recommended list. If you come across great car toys that we have not discovered, please let us know about it.

For the older children you might want to visit our Car Racing Games section, which has our recommendations for the best car racing video games for Playstation, Xbox, Game Cube, Nintendo and Computer.

If you know of any great car games or toys for kids, send an email to We'd love to receive your feedback.

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